Summer Fall Out

{Afternoon Sunshine}

I love the fall. The fresh scent of an early morning drizzle mixed with freshly brewed coffee wafting through air ensures each day begins on a happy and peaceful note. Brisk winds throughout the day let me know it’s time to toss a heavy quilt on my bed, bring my scarves and sweaters to the front of my closet, and replace my sandals with my favorite pair of leather boots.

The weather in Los Angeles tends to be scorchingly hot more often than not, so the brief glimpse of autumn weather we experienced last week was more than welcome, albeit a bit of a tease. I was thrilled as the temperature dropped below 60 degrees – complete with rain and thunderstorms – but the excitement was short-lived. The thermostat has jumped back up to the high 90s, so it seems that summer isn’t quite finished with us yet and it’s back to hiding indoors with the air conditioner blowing, regularly checking for weather updates online.


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