Mi Casa

A blank canvas to work with

A blank canvas to work with

J and I officially moved into our new loft a little over a week ago. It’s been a pretty great experience so far, minus our run-in with a scorpion on our first night.

Before moving in, we lived in his parents’ house while construction was being done on the loft. Though it’s practically just the two of us here (my brother in-law lived with us, too), I still felt like a guest in someone’s home. Being newly wed and having moved to a foreign country, I desperately needed a space of my own, with the freedom to do whatever I wanted, be it making a giant mess in the kitchen, rearranging furniture, or taking a break from my computer for an impromptu song and dance session (this happens on the regular, folks).

I work from home, and since the WiFi was strongest in our bedroom, that’s where my pseudo-office was set up. I could go entire days without ever leaving that room, save for a few trips down the stairs to the kitchen. It was a fairly large room, but dark and crowded. In the loft now, though, there is so much light and space I could do cartwheels! Really, I have done cartwheels from my bedroom to the kitchen. Eventually we’ll probably separate the bedroom with walls, but for now it’s just wide open spaces.

We’re currently in bare-bones mode in terms of design. We have the furniture and everything is in working condition, so the function is there, but not the fashion. I’m obsessed with our brick ceilings and can’t wait to add all the little personal touches that will make our house a home. I’m heading back stateside at the end of the week so I plan to stock up on everything from Ikea that I can fit into my suitcase to bring back. Once decorated I’ll post more pictures. I dream of curtains, rugs, throws, pillows, and house plants; but for the time being, I’ll settle for cartwheels.



Mexico on My Mind

Hilltop view of my new hometown

Hilltop view of my new hometown

If you’d have told me 10 years ago that I’d be married and living in a foreign country, unable to speak the language, I probably would have shrugged my shoulders and responded, “It’s possible,” but I wouldn’t have truly believed it.

Moving to Mexico has been a possibility since I considered the idea of marrying my high school sweetheart 10 years ago. Mexico always held a special place in J’s heart. His family owns property and businesses there, and he spent nearly every summer there growing up, so I knew taking over the family business was something he hoped to do. Secretly, though, I assumed he’d get older and forget about the idea. It was possible, but not plausible.

Then there were the big obstacles I’d surely face. What about my job and the fact that I don’t speak Spanish? What about my life? OK, so not speaking Spanish shouldn’t really be an issue. In this hypothetical future, I’d have over 10 years to learn, so it shouldn’t be a problem. (Alas, I never learned and it is now a problem.) My career, on the other hand, now I knew that would never work. J would just have to earn enough to support us both so I could be a happy stay-at home wife if I were to follow him to Mexico. Nope! I think I’d go crazy just sitting at home with no one to talk to and nothing to do but cook and clean. Fast forward to 2013 – I was working for a online company and was given the opportunity to work from home. Well, there went a second obstacle.

So here I am, newly wed, living in Mexico with my oh-so-Mexican husband. (His Mexican heritage has really come to the surface and it’s hysterical to me. Who is this cowboy boot-wearing man blasting banda in our car?) That hypothetical future has become my reality, and it’s kind of great. Yes, it’s a struggle to communicate, but I’m slowly learning and little by little I’m getting there. And that third obstacle? What about my life? Well, I’m adding another adventure to the list. Of course I miss my family, friends, and pets terribly (thank goodness for Skype and international data plans), but now I’m getting to know my new extended family and making new friends. Plus, there’s this little guy to keep me company.



Golden Hour

{Michael Kors & Kate Spade Watches}

Rarely do I leave the house without some kind of golden accessory. My everyday accessories consist of pearl earrings, a vintage gold ring from my mom’s costume jewelry collection, and this Michael Kors watch. The watch seems to be a VERY popular item, so I’ve kept an eye out for a possible replacement. This Kate Spade watch is absolutely adorable with it’s bubbly look, while these Nixon and Vince Camuto options are downright bad ass.

{Nixon and Vince Camuto Watches}

Non-Book Review: Harry Potter 1-7


I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I’m talking midnight showings, Halloween costumes, ringtones, etc. (Fun fact:  “Dumbledore” is included in my phone’s auto-correct; “Voldemort” is not. Even my phone knows he shall not be named.) Though I’m an avid reader, my obsession with Harry Potter actually began with the movies. Things got real, though, in the fourth movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, so I quickly read books 5-7 before watching their film counterparts, but I decided not to read the first four books until the plot lines had faded from my memory.

After convincing a friend to read the books a few weeks ago, she insisted I read the first four with her. I’ve just finished the fourth book and I can’t help but feel like the adventure has ended for me. This was the last of the teen fantasy series on my radar and I wonder if there will be another that will engage my childish enthusiasm once more. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

If you, too, are a 13-year-old trapped in an adult’s body, you might also enjoy these series:
(Some obvious choices)

  • The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins
  • The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer (glorified harlequin novels, but fun reads nonetheless)

(Some lesser known recommendations)

  • The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini
  • The Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray

You can also see what I’m currently reading along with other recommendations in my Bookshelf.

Top Five

{Breakfast.} (Image)

The day after Thanksgiving marks the “official” start of the Christmas season and there are a few things I like to do to transition from holiday to holiday.

  1. Leave the dishes. Forget about the post-Thanksgiving destruction in your dining room and kitchen for now. Enjoy the day off.
  2. Pumpkin pie for breakfast. One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the leftovers. I love to start off my morning with a slice of pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream.
  3. Go outside. Chances are you spent hours in the kitchen preparing food or in front of the T.V. watching football yesterday. Get some fresh air.
  4. Get some coffee. I don’t know what it is about going to coffee shops, but getting dressed just to buy a cup of coffee makes me feel less lazy on a day when absolutely nothing is required of me.
  5. NO Black Friday sales. Avoid the angry mobs fighting over sales at the mall at all costs. Trampling or getting trampled by strangers for a 10% discount is not the way to kick off the Christmas season.