Bedded Bliss

{West Elm Duvet Covers}

Every home should have that one room that offers complete comfort and relaxation, whether it’s a living room with overstuffed chairs and a fireplace, or a clean bathroom with a deep tub to soak in. My bedroom has always been my place of zen, and whether I was living with my parents, in a ¬†college dorm, or in a tiny apartment, my bed was and is the most important and cared for piece of furniture that I own. High thread-count sheets, memory foam mattress everything, and a fluffy down comforter ensure that it serves its function and feels the part of a sanctuary-like retreat, while my ever-changing duvet cover makes sure it looks the part, too.

I’m currently going through a gray kick, so these West Elm duvet covers (here and here) are at the top of my wish list. Being the bargain hunter that I am, I was thrilled to find that Target offers nearly identical duvet covers (here and here), but at a fraction of the cost.


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