Delicious and Nutritious

{Avocado Tartine}

I’m a big proponent of detox diets. If I feel like I’m in a rut, I’ll cut out red meat, white flour, and sucrose (fructose is fine). I’m not under any delusion that I’m going to lose weight quickly or develop some surge of energy and a healthy glow about me. On the the contrary, detoxing typically leaves me tired and cranky because I’m hungry…all the time. After two weeks of detoxing, I won’t have much to show for it, but I will have discovered at least one healthy treat that I enjoy enough to stick with even when I’m not on a restricted diet. Maybe after 30 detoxes or so, I’ll have developed a truly healthy diet. It’s not likely, but one never knows! For now, here are two of my favorite detox-friendly snacks:

  • Avocado Tartine: Slice an avocado then mash with a fork. Spread onto whole grain toast. Sprinkle with sea salt, red pepper flakes, and a squirt of fresh lemon or lime juice. Devour. (Beauty benefit – avocado is great for healthy skin and hair.)
  • Berry Smoothie: Add frozen mixed berries, one large banana, and orange juice in a blender with a little ice and blend away. Acai juice is also great to add to the mix if you have it. (Beauty benefit – this is packed full of antioxidants and vitamin C, both important for healthy, radiant skin.)


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